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Photo For Reading PageI’m James and I’m the visionary behind the upcoming film, Across The King’s River. I’m also a professional Ifa diviner and I’m here to help if:

  • You’re seeking clarity and insight into your life.
  • You’re at crossroads and need guidance.
  • You’re battling a major crisis and feel desperate.

In short, I help save and transform lives through the power of divination and ritual medicine!

I love what I do, and I’m fortunate to have the support of an amazing team of world class healers and diviners in Ile Ife, Nigeria – the ancestral cradle of the Yoruba tribe of West Africa.


Our goal is to provide the first class spiritual support that you deserve.

I am an initiated priestess of Ifa and as such have been a diviner for over 13 years. As a diviner myself, I am very selective on whom I choose to work with. My experience with James Weeks was as profound as it was powerful. He is a careful and thoughtful diviner who is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and clear. His high regard for and training in the tradition is beautifully evident. This is a priest who Walks His Path. I highly recommend him for both his skill and his insight.


Oakland, California

My ancestors had been guiding me to contact James. This person I had never met but whose messages on FB wesre empowering and seemed sent directly to me. They spoke to my soul! And in every message I heard my ancestors whispering “call him”. So I contacted James and he did the divination. How can I sum up that experience in just a few words? Clarity and peace are the two words that keep coming to my heart when I recall the divination. Before the divination my mind was cloudy. At the end of the divination and in the weeks following I began to see clearly my divine path; I began to understand things, events and people who, until then, had mostly confused me. I know my ancestors lead me to James because he is an authentic Ifa diviner with a genuine love and respect for the people he helps. I give them thanks all the time for him.


Antigua West Indies

I am honored to be able to count on the spiritual counsel of James Weeks. His honest, heartfelt clear connection to the ancestors has been a gift. Aside from his spiritual gifts, he also has a particular ability to put the guidance of the Orishas and ancestors in the context of ones own life in such a way that makes their message even clearer and easier to apply.

I first reached out to James at a time when so much was going on that I had a hard time listening to my own inner voice. Each time I have consulted James, he has helped to get back on track, back focused on spirit and back listening to myself. He is now an integral part of my spiritual family and I feel grateful for his counsel. Better than consulting someone who promises to give you the answers, James helps you to reconnect with the ancestors and with the parts of you that already have the answers. His guidance is a gift that keeps on giving if you are willing to truly listen and apply the wisdom of the Orishas.

Indra Rios-Moore

Los Angeles, California

“My experience of Divination with Babalawo James Weeks has been excellent. His process is transparent and supportive. Though I have received divination many times and had viewed James’ videos on Across the King’s River Facebook page I was still nervous, but once the call-in session began and I experienced the introductory prayers I was confident and trustful, knowing I was in expert hands. I felt the presence of the elders and ancestors. James delivers Ifa’s message gently and firmly. He listens actively to any concerns and questions and responds with an energy that is strong and clean. The ebos performed have had profound effect. I am so grateful for the guidance and know I will return for his wise counsel in the future. He answers questions I did not even know I brought to the session.”

Frances Charteris


I offer 60 minute readings for $150.00 or 30 minute readings for $75.00. I also record the session for you, and I’ll send you an mp3 file of the reading.


I accept payments via Pay Pal, Western Union, Money Gram, Cash App or Venmo. If you choose to pay via CashApp, please send the payment to $thekingsriver.

All payments must be received prior to the reading.

In the meantime, I’ll start praying for you so don’t be surprised if you feel a sense peace before we even work together.

Don’t thank me! Thank the ancestors!

Why you need to act now

Because of the high demand for my services PLUS the fact that I have an international client base, I sometimes have a waiting list of up to 2 weeks.

But if you book your reading today, I might be able to do a reading for you within 48 hours if another client happens to cancel.

Don’t delay! Book the reading today! Talk soon!

All my love,


My Disclaimer:
Readings are subject to interpretation therefore any information presented in a session is not meant to replace any psychological, legal, medical, or other professional advice or services. The guidance and insight provided through my services is intended to help clients to make better life choices toward their own happiness and fulfillment, and that a client is always free to make their own choices at will, regardless of the interpretation of the information.
James Weeks shall not be liable regarding any action or non-action taken by the client in reference to the information presented during the session. Any discussions pertaining to medical or legal matters is for general information purposes only. Any advice provided does not constitute medical or legal advice which should be sought from a qualified medical or legal professional.