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Tens of thousands of spiritual speakers around the world have been touched by James Week’s online essays and affirmations on Facebook. Now in book form by popular demand, a rich collection of Weeks’s insights and inspirations has been gathered into a powerful, 147-page volume called Meditations Across the King’s River. Weeks’s stories and life lessons were written during his travels throughout the Caribbean and West Africa as a priest of Ifa, an ancient spiritual tradition that originated with the Yoruba people of Nigeria. Here, readers will find hope, encouragement, and wisdom to sustain them on their soul’s journey.

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What readers are saying

I love how Meditations Across the King’s River asks the hard questions about life and encourages us to seek the answers. I felt at home, a place of belonging, knowing, feeling, and grace. Meditations Across the King’s River is a reminder of our divinity, and an inspiration for reclaiming our humanity.

Shanarae Sangoyomi Matthew

Educator, Yoruba priestess, St. Croix, Virgin Islands

If you are ready for heartfelt wisdom on how to obtain your spiritual purpose, I suggest you read this book. In a soulful style, and worldly outlook, Baba James Weeks places in your lap the tools to achieve your spiritual destiny. Use them and you will be blessed.

Jewel Love, Jr.

Psychotherapist and Executive Coach at Black Executive Men, Alameda, CA

James Weeks has struck gold here. Meditations Across the King’s River is a keepsake for all seekers, especially those drawn to Ifa and African spirituality. This book takes you step by step through any questions you may have about finding your spiritual grounding.

Stephanie Hinkson

Health Care Adminstrator, Queens, New York

What a gift! James Weeks’s Meditations Across the King’s River provides the inspiration we need to be hopeful, to keep moving forward, to stay on our chosen paths, and to know we are supported along the way.

Leticia English

Communications Director, Baltimore, Maryland

With the skill of a true shaman, James blends the ancient with the current, the archetypal with the postmodern. He is the storyteller who can engage your soul.

Monique Clendinen Watson

Media strategist and CEO, Lorton, VA

About The Author

James Weeks is the producer of Across the King’s River, an upcoming documentary which follows his journey as a healer, and an award-winning photographer and journalist who has published in Parenting magazine and S.F. Weekly newspaper. He is a native of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands and currently lives in Oakland, CA with his wife and youngest son. To learn more his current journey, visit his website www.acrossthkingsriver.com.