Are You Living Your Purpose?

Are You Living Your Purpose?

My friend Vanessa messaged me on Facebook recently…

“How does one discover their purpose,” she asked. “Does your Spirit guide or teacher tell you? I wonder if I’ll ever know mine. I want to choose something that makes me feel happy or fulfilled. But I want it to be aligned with my life’s purpose,” she said.

As a spiritual advisor I hear this question fairly often. The search for purpose is universal and it’s one of the core themes of my upcoming documentary feature film, Across The King’s River.

For many, the search for purpose is elusive because the struggle to survive is so time-consuming and draining that it often leaves little time for addressing the needs of our spirit. Yet our souls long to be fed in a meaningful way.

I believe living a more purposeful life is attainable for each of us. Spirit did not send us to earth to drift aimlessly. Here are some tips for connecting to your purpose.

The clues to our purpose are often around us but it’s our responsibility to put the clues together. Ask yourself these questions: What are your hobbies? What causes are you drawn to? If money was not an issue, what would you spend most of your time doing? What problems are you good at solving? When do you feel most fulfilled? What kind of help do others come to you for? Who are your heroes and what do you admire about them?

What kind of jobs have you done in the past? Is there a connection between past jobs and what you’re doing for a living now? If so, what is the connection? Don’t assume there’s no connection. Thirty years ago I worked as a journalist. My skills as a writer helps me to fulfill my current path as a healer by enabling me to reach large audiences through my inspirational writing.

While someone can give you insight into your purpose, no one can tell you everything about it. Why? Because you’re not a cog in a machine, you’re a spirit with infinite potential. Your purpose can change over time depending on the needs of your ancestors and the universe. The spirit world is the employer, your purpose is the task or the mission the spirit world is asking you to fulfill.

Your family members can lead you closer to your purpose. Shortly after I met my wife, Stephanie, she helped me launch my career as a writer. I might not have considered it otherwise. My eldest son led me to my path as a healer. Pay attention to what members in your family are inspiring you to do, but also pay attention to issues family members are struggling with. Their struggles might lead you to your purpose.

Knowing your purpose does not necessarily make your life easier, but it does make it fulfilling. Though I have clarity about what I’ve been sent here to do, I face hardship and obstacles along the way just like everyone else. Malidoma Some, the great African shaman and author of the book “Of Water and The Spirit,” was kidnapped by Jesuit priests as a child and was taken away from his culture and people for many years. He had to go through that experience in order to fulfill his purpose. You have to go through certain tests to bring you closer to your purpose, too, and that’s precisely what your going through right now. Embrace it. Try to see it as a friend, instead of a foe.

Envision who you feel called to serve. What is his or her story? What keeps him or her up at night worrying? What is his/her deepest fear? How can you help? What will happen to him or her if you don’t do what you feel called to do? What will happen to YOU if allow your own fears or insecurities to get in the way of being of service and following your purpose? What steps are you taking on a daily basis to sharpen your skills? What legacy would you like to leave for others to follow?

I have so much to share with you, but I can’t say it all in one blog. I’ll be sharing more in a few weeks. In the meantime, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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James Weeks
Producer, Across The King’s River