What’s Your Plan For Healing?

What’s Your Plan For Healing?

I had an amazing experience with an 82-year-old healer in Jamaica recently…

She’s a most unusual healer; she puts her hands gently on your body as if you were about to receive a massage, but then she starts removing objects from your body.

…Things you wouldn’t think could possibly be in your body.

She placed her hands on me and gently removed two small chains from my right torso. Then, she removed a stone and two nails from my stomach. And yes, I saw them with my own eyes.

I wasn’t the only one…


Ten people came with me, and she removed objects from each of us: a spark plug from the head of my client’s son, tobacco from the chests of a couple from the USA, a stone from the left foot of my client and a padlock from the chest of a construction worker.

And I’m 100% certain she would remove an object from you if you’re ever blessed with the opportunity to meet her in person.

But how is this even possible? How could such objects be inside one’s body?

Not sure. In my case, she said I’d been the target of a spiritual attack. I don’t doubt this. Spiritual attacks are prevalent in African culture. But surely everyone that sees her cannot possibly be the victim of a spiritual attack. At least, I really don’t think so.

So how does one explain this?

Could it be that some of these objects come from the negativity or envy of others or from our own fears or negative thoughts? I don’t know, and the healer was way too busy to entertain any questions.

My experience taught me that there are dimensions to healing that modern science may never understand. And while I cannot explain the miracle I experienced, surely there are many things we can all do to improve our physical, mental and spiritual health.

And letting go of anger and others things that are clearly beyond your control is one of them.

You’ve got to work at letting go of other things you’re attached to that are clearly not healthy for you: a job you hate falls in this category. Are you working yourself to death? What about toxic relationships? Sorry, it’s time to cut some folks loose. Are you battling addictions? If so, how long has that been going on? How long will you allow it to go on?

What about blame? Are you blaming someone for where find yourself in life right now? If so, you’ve given your power away and it’s time to take it back. You DO have a say in your future. Claim it!

Finally, a commitment to a daily spiritual routine will help you immensely along with a good diet, adequate rest and regular exercise.

Healing isn’t an event, it’s an ongoing journey.

What are your thoughts and what are your plans for healing?

Would love to hear from you, so just respond to this email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Until then, may the ancestors guide and protect you always.

Stay Blessed

James Weeks

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