Staying On Track in 2016

Staying On Track in 2016

Aseda2016 is here…

And I hope you’re ready to take massive action to achieve your personal and spiritual goals!

There’s no time to lose if you’re serious about making 2016 your best year ever. You’ve got to be laser-focused.

My goal is to complete my book by end of year. It’s called “Meditations Across The River: African-inspired Wisdom for Life’s Journey.” And I’m also working diligently on my film.

I only have 15 seconds for foolishness in my day…

What about you? What are you working on? What sacrifices are you willing to make? Do you have a good mentor to show you the way and to help keep you accountable?

Do you have a good diet? A daily spiritual routine? Are you getting adequate rest? Are you open to opportunities the ancestors are sending your way?

How are you feeling? Mostly positive or mostly negative? So So?

These are important questions. Feel free to answer them and send me your response. I would love to hear what’s on your agenda for 2016. I’ll help to keep you on track.

Here’s what I know for sure! Most people give up way too soon, sometimes when they’re on the brink of success, when the door of opportunity is about to swing wide open.

Sometimes all that’s needed is one more phone call, knocking on one more door, sending one more email, writing one more poem, taking one more class, taking one more chance.

Give yourself time to succeed in 2016! No looking back! No more excuses!


P.S. Don’t forget to reply to this email to share your dreams for 2016.

James Weeks

Producer, Across The King’s River


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