Embracing Your Truth

Embracing Your Truth

The message I delivered wasn’t the message she wanted to hear…

Vodun Ceremony in Benin (Photographer Unknown)

Vodun Ceremony in Benin
(Photographer Unknown)

She didn’t think it was “spiritual” enough, and she couldn’t understand why I was asking her questions in the divination session.

As for the ritual ebo for her health that Ifa prescribed?

Well, the client said she could tell right away that I was I was trying to “sell” her something that she “really didn’t need”, and furthermore, she could do rituals on her own by just following her intuition.

And so the reading ended. In all probability, I’ll never hear from this client again. Nor do I really want to.

My experience with her made me think of something, my mentor, the late Dr. Afolabi Epega, told me years ago when I was a student diviner.

Many people don’t come to a divination session/spiritual reading prepared to listen. “They want to hear, what they want to hear.” And if they don’t hear what they want to hear, they will discard whatever Spirit has to say.

Though the attitude of this client was pissed me off, it was a great lesson for me on letting go…

Our job as diviners is not to please the client, but to deliver the messages that Ifa says to deliver. Whether the client accepts it or not is their business.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re thinking of booking an Ifa divination session:

1. We Are Only Messengers: We have no control over the messages. We give what we get. Ifa often speaks of the past, the present, or the future. Some aspects of the reading might not make sense to you at the time of the consultation but it might make sense later.

2. It’s A Two-Way Street: A divination session/spiritual reading is a dialogue. That means it’s a two-way street. We expect you to ask questions, and we may ask questions of you to get further insight to guide you correctly. If you don’t want to talk about what’s going on in your life, you’re wasting our time and your time.

3. Ritual Ebo Is Important: In Ifa, a ritual (ebo) may be prescribed during or after divination for a number of reasons: health, protection, business success, relationships, etc. If a reading calls for an ebo to be done, we are obligated to tell you, and it’s in your best interest to do it, even if you have to struggle to come up with the funds.

4. Embrace The Truth: As my mentor, Baba Epega told me. “The truth is always the truth. It never changes and it never dies.” Be prepared to deal with the truth. It’s not easy, but in the end it will liberate you.”

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