You Can Let It Go Now

You Can Let It Go Now

I heard from my friend, Fanya, recently…

…I was surprised because it’s been many years. She hit me up on FB Messenger.

And she was telling me how she’s in a totally different place now. As I read her text I smiled, and the more I read the more I smiled. It was refreshing.

Fanya is no longer in a dark place like she was years ago.


Back then it was one problem after another. Relationship problems, financial problems, depression.

“I had to go through this to understand what I know now,” she explained. “My ancestors supported me until I realized there was no need to hold on to past hurt — that I could let it all go.”

“Your growth is beautiful,” I told Fanya.

“It is beyond beautiful,” she replied. “Every day I learn something new about life.”

My conversation with Fanya made me think about YOU. I thought about recent experiences and old experiences I’ve had too. See, we tend to hold on to past pain even when we don’t have to. It’s the human condition, I guess. But why do we do that? Why do YOU do that?

We can be free…

You can choose to let it go now. You can also choose to hold on to pain if you want.

But Fanya is saying you don’t have to.

I asked what helped her to make the shift in the way she saw things.

“I made the drastic decision to take care of my well being first,” she explained. “The root of my situation was in my heart. Every day my heart is opening up a bit more.”

And she’s discovered two gifts she didn’t know she had. Painting and singing. “I repainted my house with bright, joyful colors, and I dare to sing too.”

She sent me a song. It was beautiful. It was an ode to Yemanja. Loved it. I told her I want her to sing in my film.

…I had to share this story with you.

I’ve learned that part of our problem isn’t merely our problems — it’s how we see our problems — our perspective.

You can shift your perspective. You can be empowered and free.

Reply to this blog and I’ll hit you back asap. Let me know what you are thinking. Until then all my love.

Sending you good energy on your journey.

James Weeks
Author Meditations Across The King’s River