What’s Holding You Back?

A few weeks ago I attended a workshop with one of my mentors…

He believes there are only nine things that could hold you back from rising to the top in 2019.

Well, I’ll be honest…

He said there are ten things that could hold you back, but I’ve decided to share nine of them.

  1. Being paralyzed by fear is first on the list.
  2. Thinking but not taking action.
  3. Negative thinking.
  4. Being too comfortable with your present situation.
  5. Acting from a state of desperation instead of working from a plan.
  6. Being too concerned with the opinions of others.
  7. Being obsessed with results instead of taking action.
  8. Short term thinking instead of long term thinking.
  9. Lack of belief in yourself and your vision.

I love the framework of potential stumbling blocks my mentor provided, because it’s easy to grasp.

…And the beautiful thing is that if you are feeling stuck right now I challenge you to review this list to see if any of these nine items apply to you. If so, address it, deal with it. Don’t let 2019 end up being just like 2018 unless you’re happy with how 2018 turned out.

I review this list weekly as I plan my next steps for promoting my book and working on my film.

Would love to hear what you’re struggling with. So please comment on this blog, and I’ll be sure to respond with tips to help you out.

James Weeks