Time Can Heal You

Time Can Heal You

Time can heal you, says my friend, Omitosin…

But you must “realize healing is not shiny or pretty. It is not lotus flowers and singing bowls. It is gut wrenching, emotional, mind and spirit blowing,” she says.

However, “once you acknowledge the pain and are able to work within that space, that’s when the healing starts. Healing is a daily process. It is day by day, minute by minute,” says Omitosin.

I met Omitosin at an Ancestral Healing Conference in Seattle last November. She’s a healer and does hands-on Reiki. Omitosin is also a priestess in the Ifa spiritual tradition and does readings in her Seattle office or by phone.

We plan on doing some retreats together in the future. Omitosin studied with the famous Iyanla Vanzant who she says is an “amazing spirit and gives so much love, compassion and caring into everything she does.”


I believe we’re all on a journey of healing – no exceptions…

…We’re either healing from what someone said, from what someone did, or from something we said or did ourselves. Or maybe it’s from an event we had little or no control over.

I believe one of the most important healing we all need is to break free from the opinions of others. Caring too much about what others think is hands down one of the biggest killers of dreams ever.

Fortunately, we can all learn from each other.
I asked Omitosin to share a bit about her life and her journey as a healer. Here’s what she had to say.

Q: When did you first learn you’re a healer?

A: I first learned I had gifts when I was 13. My grandmother Lillie took me to her church (Pentecostal) and I was called to the front. The pastor began to pray and put “anointing” oil on my forehead. At that moment, I began to cry and speak in tongues, something which I had never done before. Then I remember my grandmother taking me home and telling me that I was a special person and that I was blessed with the gift of healing. She then told me her story of how her hands just started getting hot when she was around certain people and then she decided to listen to the messages that Spirit was giving her to touch people with their permission. Once she told me that, I decided to do the same. I would just touch someone’s arm or hand at first, then I would ask if I could touch them wherever the pain (emotional or physical was). I used to also get anxiety in groups of people and not understand why. I learned later that I am also an empath that has the gift of feelings others feelings.

Q: What do you like about doing spiritual readings for others?

A: I love showing people a reflection of themselves from a different perspective. Everyone has some sort of spiritual gift that they are either afraid of, don’t recognize or are in denial of. I feel my job is to show people a different version of themselves, their gifts, and on some occasions, relay messages from their Ancestors.

“Some people just really need to know when they aren’t loving themselves and need to be shown how! It can be as simple as telling someone and showing them that there is nothing wrong with them, or showing them how to connect with their own spiritual higher self via ritual, meditation or other tools and modalities.” – Omitosin

Q: What do you like about doing body work for clients?

A: I actually love seeing and feeling other people connecting to their own energy. Most people who get reiki really don’t believe in it and aren’t sure what they should be feeling. I actually perform small activities with them that allows them to feel and connect with their own energy. After the session, I call them and ask them questions about the systems in their body and generally they will tell me that their stomachs growl more, or they notice the beat of their heart. They also notice their body heating up or cooling down with certain breathing techniques

Q: What was it like studying with Iyanla Vanzant?

A: It was a painful and beautiful experience. Painful in that, I learned how many limitations I had put on myself and how blocked I was spiritually and energetically. I discovered anger that I was holding on to and really didn’t realize that I had. Going through the program with Iyanla was a life changing experience! For the first time, I got to really meet myself! I got to discover who I am, and what I want from my life. Iyanla is a tough love master teacher! She is unwavering in her mission to help people heal, but at the same time, she gives so much love, compassion and caring into everything that she does. She is an amazing spirit!

Q: What three tips can you give to those who are seeking healing?

A: First, realize that healing is not shiny and pretty. It is not lotus flowers and singing bowls. It is gut wrenching, emotional mind and spirit blowing. But once you acknowledge the pain and are able to work within that space, that’s when the healing starts! Healing is a daily process. It is day by day, minute by minute. Those small “a-ha” moments that we have daily become the stepping stones for overall healing and enlightening on a big scale over time. Time can heal if you take baby steps and give yourself small rewards along the way!

Second, be gentle with yourself! You are not as flawed as you make up in your mind! You have had experiences and situations that have colored your perspective of your life and yourself. Free your mind! Last, find some way to be quiet and still every day. Meditation is when Spirit speaks to you! Even if it is only for 5 minutes. If you need help, contact me and I can teach you!

If you would like to book a spiritual consultation with Omitosin, you can contact her at goodworks4u@gmail.com or by phone at 832-282-2485.

In the meantime, I would love to know where you are on your journey of healing or what you’re struggling with. So feel free to comment on this blog and sign up for my inspirational newsletter at the link below.

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James Weeks
Producer, Across The King’s River