Ancestral Return

Ancestral Return

Last October I got an email from Ade Anifowose…

The email said: “I’m a Nigerian who is learning more about my country, traditions and roots in America. I feel a resonance with your energy and your perspective on African spirituality. I would love to connect with you and talk about your experiences and to look into the possibility of doing a radio interview.”

I was happy Ade reached out to me. I called him and we spoke at length about my experiences in Yoruba culture and my trips to Nigeria, West Africa. We will be doing a FB Live Event soon to share our respective journeys. (In fact, we were supposed to a a FB Live event today but had to reschedule because of technical difficulties.)

…Ade is a life coach, a healer and a sacred drummer. You can learn more about him at:

His website says: he has a “passion for helping people connect with their unique sense of self. He does this by shining light on hidden fears in the dark recesses of the mind. He is on a mission to bring true love, deep peace and respect to all of humanity.”

Like many Nigerians, Ade did not grow up immersed in his own spiritual traditions and was shocked when he discovered there’s a huge interest in Yoruba culture throughout the diaspora.

I’m looking forward to my FB LIVE session with Ade…

In the meantime, I received a phone call from another Nigerian today. His name is Ola and he wants me to do a spiritual reading for him. He’s never had an Ifa divination reading before and has been doing a lot of soul searching. Like many Nigerians, Ola was raised Christian and was taught to despise his own spiritual traditions. He has so many questions and wanted to know how the divination process works.

It amazes me that Africans are looking to us in the Diaspora to acquaint them with their own spiritual traditions. I feel honored, confident about what we have to say. We are a bridge to the Motherland.

I haven’t done the reading for Ola yet but I told him so many people are benefitting from his culture, one way or the other. Shouldn’t he be benefitting from his own culture too?

The ancestors have returned. The ancestors have never left. The ancestors are speaking…

I made it clear to Ola that it’s clear his ancestors are guiding him to return to traditional ways. It would be wise for him to listen.

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James Weeks
Producer, Across The King’s River