Reunion in Exile

Reunion in Exile

My spirit soared home to the Virgin Islands and returned to Virginia again and again.

I’m traveling on the East Coast and had a chance to visit two childhood friends in Maryland recently. They’re from St. Croix, Virgin Islands, too.

Kicking It With Ian

Kicking It With Ian

It’s been a long time, too long. Seeing Ian and Brenda, after not seeing them for so long, stirred up memories of the past, rekindled dreams of the future.

Ian’s a former Air Force pilot who currently flies for UPS…

And Brenda’s an amazing businesswoman with a big heart and big, big dreams. She’s the owner of Angela’s Sweets N Treats , a popular bakery in Richmond, Virginia.

Brenda delivers what she promises…

Even though I’m on a diet, I gave in and sampled one of her traditional Vienna cakes. It was rich, moist, memorable, and I reached for the knife and treated myself to another slice.

Couldn’t resist it, plus I deserved it! “You can’t only eat one slice,” Brenda claims.

It’s true, I suppose. But don’t take my word for it.

Order one of her creations and judge for yourself; she ships nationwide. Call Brenda at 804-519-4571 and tell her I sent you. She’d love to hear from you. Or you can place an order at Brenda’s Website.

I’m proud of both friends…

Ian inspires me to get back up in the cockpit. I’m a pilot too, a private pilot, but haven’t flown in years.

And Brenda shared her vision for expanding her business. Awesome!



Spending time on the road with friends (and clients) made me realize something. It made me realize I have all that I need. Who knows, maybe you have all that you need too but don’t realize it.

It’s not always easy to see. The system keeps most of us constantly on the run. In the race to pursue what we want we sometimes forget we have all that we need.

Friendship is medicine, powerful medicine, and sometimes it’s the only medicine we truly need.

During my brief visit, I felt complete again, renewed somehow. I guess it showed in my aura.

“You look happy,” my daughter, Tulani, said when I sent her pics from Virginia.

I am happy…

Being with friends also made me think about my ancestors, our ancestors. Can’t speak for Brenda nor Ian, but I sensed the presence of departed souls around us.

The power of our ancestors to inspire and guide from The Great Beyond is profound. Through each of us and our unique gifts and passions, our ancestors live again and transform lives in ways we may not always understand.

As I sat with my friends, I reflected on the long, journey ahead and what our ancestors might be asking of us at this point. I soared home to the Caribbean for inspiration and returned to the conversation again and again.

A legacy awaits us, a legacy awaits you…

But only if you submit to your dreams and keep going no matter what. So many people view setbacks or challenges as reasons to give up. Why not use them as reasons to fight on?

I’m no longer in Virginia; I’ve moved on but my spirit has not.

I’m having a hard time saying goodbye…

James Weeks

Producer, Across The King’s River

Fort in eastern St. Croix

Fort in eastern St. Croix

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