Change And Transformation

Change And Transformation

Here’s the deal…me

The very thing that will take you to your next level of spiritual growth, or business growth or intellectual growth is not going to feel comfortable.

But you have to push on anyway.

Do the thing that you’ve been resisting. And once you do it, do it again and again until it becomes a way of life.

But that’s only if you want to move your life forward and I’m assuming you do.

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The journey of this film teaches me this lesson over and over again. I’ll never forget the day my elders told me that it was time to leave my corporate job and dedicate myself 100% to this film project.

Had I known all the difficulties I would face I might have said NO! The reality is that:

1. I no longer have the big 401K retirement account I once had.
2. I don’t have health insurance.
3. I can’t predict how money I will earn each month from my Ifa consultation business.
4. And no one can predict how well my film will do once it’s complete and out on the market.

But here’s what I CAN tell you…

1. I’m happier!
2. I’m wiser!
3. I feel more empowered.
4. I have more control over my destiny.
5. Every day someone writes to tell me what a difference I’m making in their life and that sure as hell didn’t happen in my corporate job.

My advice to you? Take the risk. Follow that dream. In the end you’ll be happy you did!

The Elders from james Weeks on Vimeo.


James Weeks
Producer, Across The King’s River