Three Ways To Know When You’re On The Right Path

Three Ways To Know When You’re On The Right Path

A client wrote me yesterday and said he felt spiritually off-track!

artist unknown

artist unknown

He wanted advice for getting his life back on track…

Before I share my thoughts about how to get back on-track, how do you know if you’re on the right path to begin with?


Divine Intervention: It was revealed to you through divination, a vision, a dream, your own Spirit, or by some other spiritual means.

It Resonates With You Strongly: For reasons you can’t explain, it just feels right. I’ll never forget the night I had a reading with a Nigerian Ifa priest, and he told me I was destined to be an Ifa priest and a diviner as well. He also revealed my spiritual name. I felt like a cloud lifted that night; like I heard this before in a different life time. Everything seemed to fit. Even my problems had a special meaning.

You Can’t Stop Thinking About It: If you’re thinking about it all the time, I can assure you that you are being called by Spirit to explore it, or pursue it. And it’s not only about you and your search for meaning. It’s also about you building a relationship with those who are trying to help you and guide you in Spirit. The longer you stay on the path, the stronger your relationship with your spirit guides will become and the clearer you’ll hear their voice and what’s being asked of you.


Just because you feel stagnant or you’re having a rough time on your journey, doesn’t mean that you’re not on the right track.

Unfortunately, too often we’re lead to believe that if things go smoothly, that’s a good omen, and if things go badly, then it’s a sure sign that you’re doing something wrong or you’ve chosen the wrong path.

Hell No: Every path has difficulty! Every single path will bring you face-to-face with negativity at one point or another.

I’ve had so many negative experiences on the journey to creating my film: stressful times filming in Africa; delays with funding; unreliable business partners, and at times, unsupportive family members.

Yet, the journey of being a filmmaker is also fulfilling. It just comes with a high price. I’m willing to pay the price for pursuing my vision. Are you willing to pay the price for pursuing yours? If not, then you must be willing to pay the price of NOT following your dreams. Either way, there’s a price to pay.


So how do you get back on track?

1. Be committed to your spiritual path or your calling. You can’t just pursue it when you feel like doing it, because you won’t feel like doing it 50% of the time. Make it a part of your daily routine.

2. Follow the inspiration you feel every day. When inspiration speaks, God and the ancestors are speaking to you. Tune into the energy of the inspiration and go wherever you feel led.

3. Pay attention to your feelings. My work as a diviner has taught me that many people are profoundly out of touch with their own feelings. If you’re not in touch with your feelings, you won’t have clarity, and without clarity, there’s no way to move forward.

4. Remember the big picture: the spiritual journey is not merely about you. It’s about being of service. Be clear about the best way for you to serve others, and go about the business of delivering it every day.

Despite the hardships you’ll encounter from time to time, your path will bring you to a place of fulfillment.

But only if you stay on it!

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James Weeks
Producer/Across The King’s River