Are You Tuned In?

Are You Tuned In?

waterIntuition isn’t about what you think. And it’s definitely not about what others think…

It’s about what you feel. It’s about the guidance that comes from within; it’s about the quiet conviction of knowing what’s right for you!

If you’re not in touch with what you feel, you’re lost…

And when you’re lost you’ll keep making the same mistakes over and over again. You’ll turn left, when you should turn right. You’ll stop when you should keep going. You’ll say no when you should say yes. You’ll be silent when you should speak up.

Intuition is your God-given guidance system. The ancestors and the orisas speak through your intuition. The million dollar question is: Are you even listening?

Here are some simple tips to enhance your intuitive abilities.

Slow Down: Although intuition is God-given, you must cultivate it if you want it to grow. Make it a priority, by taking time out of each day to sit in silence, prayer, or meditation. Keep it simple. In the beginning – five to ten minutes a day is plenty.

Spend More Time In Nature: African spiritual traditions revolve around nature for a reason. Nature is our home; nature does not pretend. The vibration of nature forces you to slow down and listen to things that you might have been repressing or things that you might be in denial about.

Nurture Yourself: Are you getting enough sleep? Are you exercising? Are you eating well? You can’t have a clear channel to your intuition if you’re not taking care of yourself? It has been said that your body is a temple. Take care of your outer temple if you’re serious about accessing your inner temple.

Be Open: Be open to how you receive intuitive messages. You are unique instrument of the divine. Some receive messages via dreams, others through visions, or feelings, or an inner sense of knowing. Some folks hear messages. Once you become clear about how you’re receiving messages, focus on that method while you work to develop all your senses. Develop your five senses and you’ll discover your sixth sense.”

By opening the door to your intuition, you open the door to infinite wisdom. You also open the door to more fulfillment – and, who knows. More prosperity! Keep that door open! Important messages are coming through.

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James Weeks
Producer, Across The King’s River

Is Your Life in Balance?

Is Your Life in Balance?

A balance of cosmic forces in your life…

Obatala priests in Nigeria: (Photographer Unknown)

Obatala priests in Nigeria: (Photographer Unknown)

That’s what the Ifa spiritual tradition is all about – balance. “If it’s too hot, cool it down. And if it’s too cool, heat things up,” my mentor, the late Dr. Afolabi Epega, once said to me during divination training.

Baba Epega, a 5th generation Ifa priest, also said: things should neither be too positive nor too negative.

What’s wrong if things are flowing too positively (or smoothly) for you? A lot of folks struggle with that spiritual concept. Where’s the harm in that?

From Ifa’s point of view, if everything is going smoothly (positively), how can you grow? How can you reach your full potential? How can you develop faith?

Too much positivity lulls you into a sense of complacency – it dulls spiritual awareness…

Though we dislike negativity, it can provide the impetus we need to move in the right direction. Sometimes you have to be forced to do what’s good for you. The negativity on your job, might force you to find a job that’s more fulfilling.

Same thing for the negativity in your relationship. It might inspire you to question why you’re in the relationship in the first place.

Don’t be too quick to curse the negativity that has appeared in your life. Negativity isn’t always your enemy, sometimes it can be your best friend, a blessing in disguise.

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James Weeks

Producer/Across The King’s River

Ifa Divination And Your Lucky Lotto Number

Ifa Divination And Your Lucky Lotto Number

mega bucksThe request from the client was urgent….

He needed $15,000 to pay off some debts in a hurry and every request he made for a loan has been rejected so far.

So he was hoping that maybe I could use my skills as an Ifa diviner or as a numerologist to help him win the lotto.

I wish I could, and I would do it for him in a heartbeat (for free) if I was certain I could…

But the truth is that no diviner, no medium, no psychic, no seer that I know will make such a claim. And I would be highly suspicious of any spiritual worker who makes such a claim because if they could predict the lotto, I doubt they would be doing spiritual work.

So, here’s what I told my client:

I told him to be patient. And I reminded him that we’re all on a spiritual journey and while we may not always get what we want (even when we do spiritual work), we get what we need.

And many times what we need are challenges – difficulties that force us to change the way that we live and/or the way that we think.

Sometimes, the very things that we think we need are taken away from us so that we can learn that we didn’t need them in the first place.

That’s what happened to me…

I lost my job in Corporate America in 2011 and wondered how I would survive. I now realize that I didn’t have to worry.

These days I earn my living as an Ifa diviner while I work on my film. Granted, I don’t always know when or where my next dollar will come from. But I know that it will come.

My lesson was to learn that Ifa and the ancestors and my elders have my back. Yet it was a difficult lesson to learn and it came with a price – a very high price.

Without challenges there can be no faith. Without faith or trust, there can be no growth. Yes, winning the lotto might be nice.

But that’s not what you need and that’s not what I need.

What you need is the conviction to stay on your path, the courage to keep on fighting, and the wisdom to know that amidst your current challenges you’ll find spiritual gems that can truly empower you!

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James Weeks
Producer, Across The King’s River