Ifa Sees The Big Picture

Ifa Sees The Big Picture

Well, what’s taking so long? staue_oddudla

That’s more or less what my client wanted to know…

I did a ritual for her about two weeks ago and she was frustrated because she didn’t see any changes yet. And she was hella depressed about it.

I smiled. Then I fired off a quick email to her.

“Just because you didn’t notice any changes yet doesn’t mean the ritual wasn’t effective,” I explained. “The orishas are helping you in ways you cannot begin to fathom. And besides, it’s only been two weeks..”

Fortunately, she got the message. Many people do not.

In this world of high speed internet connection, text messaging and apps for just about everything under the sun (except common sense), it’s hard for folks to grasp that the orisas are not in a rush. Time, from a spiritual point of view, has no significance.

Indeed, our ancestors live in a dimension that is timeless. What does five hours, or five days, or five weeks, or five years mean to them? What does it mean to you?

But let’s get back on track…

While a ritual (ebo) helps to open the road spiritually to improve the likelihood of your success, it’s not a magic bullet. You’ve gotta to be patient. You’ve gotta work hard. And you’ll still experience ups and downs along the way.

But the ritual will help you navigate through or around those challenges…

Everything is not going to go your way and everything is not supposed to go your way. Why? Because if it did there would be no opportunity for you to grow, no incentive for you to change, no way for you to cultivate the fruits of your spiritual journey: faith wisdom and empowerment.

Sure, I get frustrated like everyone else when things don’t go as fast as I hoped or when they don’t turn out how I thought they would.

But we are not to lean on our own understanding…

As priests of Orumila, or students of Ifa. We are to do the very best that we can, then we must leave it in the able hands of Ifa. Ifa knows best. Ifa sees the big picture. Can you?


James Weeks/Producer, Across The King’s River